RSC’s Pre-Summer 2013 SALE Happening Now! 50% Off Everything in Stock!

RSC Pre-Summer '13 Sale

Now is the perfect time to stock your closet and RSC is here to help. Everything in the RSC web store is ON SALE NOW. 50 percent off everything in stock! What are you waiting for, bro?

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RSC’s “Boston Brotherhood” Pre-order, All Profits to Benefit Those Affected by Boston Marathon Bombings

RSC "Boston Brotherhood" One Fund Boston Charity T-Shirt

What can we say that hasn’t already been said? As life-long Bostonians, the pain caused by the carnage inflicted upon our city April 15 has been indescribable. While many will move on, a minority of those directly affected by the Boston Marathon bombings do not have such a convenience. These individuals will be feeling the physical, emotional and spiritual effects for quite some time. RSC felt compelled to help and and we’re doing so the best way we know how.

Today, pre-orders will begin for RSC’s “Boston Brotherhood.” A monument to Boston’s strength, compassion and character. One State. One City. One People.

RSC will not collect a single penny from this effort. 100 percent of the profits from “Boston Brotherhood” will be donated to Boston’s One Fund, a body set up by Mayor Tom Menino and Governor Deval Patrick to help those most affected by the tragic events.

Our pals at Monument Print Co. will begin production on these t-shirts on May 10th. You will receive your order between May 15-18th.

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What Inspires You? A Guest Post from Carlos “EasyBake” Morales

Carlos “EasyBake” Morales is a man with a vision.  As the owner of Oven Fresh Dreams, an online lifestyle collective inspired by baking, t-shirts and tattoos, he’s an inspiration to many in the underground art community. Carlos was recently kind enough to contribute a guest post to the RSC blog. Read on…

As far back as I can remember, I’ve be inspired by the world around me. New York City can be an overwhelming place at times, but it is the core of my inspiration. My grandmother helped raise me on Lower East Side and I can recall the many walks we used to go on. Our neighborhood was filled with life, energy and creativity. I vividly remember not understanding art as concept, but still being interested in the colors decorating graffiti walls. It was wild yet controlled, and although the message wasn’t completely clear, I knew it had a purpose. Those walks sparked something special in me. They are the reason I developed a creative eye.


There is something you should know. I am not a traditional artist. I have no training, but I’m filled with feeling. I am a coffee-driven writer, baker and creative who values minimalist art. Minimalism is applied in almost everything I create. This can even be traced back to my first art-related interest: branding. I have been playing basketball since the age of five and have been a diehard Knicks fan just as long. I just love the game. As a result, I took a strong interest in NBA team logos and each team’s graphic identity. Again, I am not a traditional artist, but I am filled with feeling.

Now that you understand me a bit better, you can understand why I am honored to be writing for and working with Regan Smith Clarke. Through my experience with art, I was introduced to the wonderful world of t-shirts. I cannot even begin to explain how important the medium is to me. It is not just about wearing a piece of art…it is about telling a story, sharing ideas and creating personal ties – I believe Regan would agree. We first exchanged emails in the spring of 2010 when I was living in Houston and here I am three years later writing for his blog from my apartment in New York City.

RSC inspires me. What inspires you?

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RSC Sponsors “Haymakers For Hope” Charity Fighter Steve Annear

RSC is proud to announce our sponsorship of Boston journalist Steve Annear as he lends his fists to a great cause – kicking the crap out of cancer.

Annear is competing in the third installment of the Boston-based boxing charity event, Haymakers for Hope. Founded by Massachusetts natives, the non-profit organization raises money and awareness for cancer research in an effort to find a cure once and for all. Annear and 16 other fighters will be taking it to the mat live on May 16 at the House of Blues in Boston.

Follow what Haymakers for Hope are up to via Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn. Check some cool photos of Steve tearing it up below.

Haymakers4Hope_ReganSmithClarke_SteveAnnear_1Haymakers4Hope_ReganSmithClarke_SteveAnnear_3 Haymakers4Hope_ReganSmithClarke_SteveAnnear_2


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Industry Intelligence: Alex Dakoulas of Dance Party Massacre

The apparel industry is one of many moving parts. For every high-profile designer there are thousands of photographers, marketing professionals and independent designers who quietly do their part to keep our community vibrant and relevant.  These individuals deserve their recognition. In an effort to ensure that, RSC’s Industry Intelligence makes sure you hear from these unsung heroes who keep it real each and every day.

Name, rank and why we should care?
Alex Dakoulas, designer & owner, Dance Party Massacre.

What are you working on right now?
I’m currently pushing everything I have into Dance Party Massacre. I left my full-time job at Converse designing shoes and have been trying to make my brand and myself known more. Since April, we’ve put out an artist release, a summer and fall line, and most recently an exclusive collaboration with horror royalty, Fangoria magazine.


What future plans are in the works? Plug your shit!
I’m currently trying to balance running a business while keeping up with freelance work. I’m also looking to work with more brands and other creatives while satisfying my personal ventures. It really comes down to creating cool stuff, sharing my knowledge and learning from others. It’s the only way to keep moving forward.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your work?
I like things that are a bit weird, a bit off. I never really felt like a perfect “all-American” guy and I connect better with the weirdos; the underdogs you could say. But I have big respect for self-made people, no matter what their medium or style. Anyone who has enough passion to take risks and do their own thing gets my attention.

What is the hardest lesson you have ever had to learn?
I think trying to fit into other people’s ideas of success has been rough for me. School, jobs, love – I always wanted to make people proud of me (and still do), and sort of be who I thought people wanted me to be. But, I think what I’ve learned is that you need to follow your gut. If you try to please others you’re just going to screw up. And in reality, I think people respect you more if you follow your own life “goals.

Last book read, movie watched, record listened to?
I barely ever read books, so it has to be special. My boyfriend wrote a very interesting memoir about interfaith dialogue that’s been getting a lot of press recently: “Faitheist” by Chris Stedman. The last movie I watched was “Django Unchained.” I find Quentin Tarantino to be very talented and very interesting. Even if I don’t love every one of his movies, they’re worth a watch. Music-wise, I’ve been listening to Walk The Moon, Ke$ha, Frank Ocean and Marina and the Diamonds.

Fill in the blank: “I wouldn’t be where I am today without _____”
My loving and supportive family. As cheesy as that sounds, you need to have someone believe in you before you can believe in yourself. My family and close friends have always been a huge support to me.

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Winter Blues — $10 off all Hoodies + Fleece Sweatshirts


$10 off all Hoodies + Sweatshirts

Is the winter getting to you yet? If you’re gonna be holed up in your apartment, might as well look good while doing so. We’ve decided to offer a discount on all hoodies & fleece sweatshirts through the end of month.

Use discount code “WINTERBLUES” for $10 off. 

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The “True Hollywood Story” Behind RSC’s Latest Collection

Story behind RSC Holiday Collection

RSC recently dropped a new collection of totally rad designs. So what’s the story on them? Our latest release remains definitively inspired by the WWII nose art and related imagery that influenced last season’s “Stand & Deliver.” It also tells a very deliberate story – one of a “Lone Wolf” who grows to find strength, honor and discipline through unity. The “chapters” below:

  • RSC Riot Squad
    Say no to the status quo. Join the resistance. “RSC Riot Squad.”
  • Divide & Conquer
    Fight the occupation. Gain and maintain. “Divide & Conquer.”

All designs available now in the RSC web store. DO IT!

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RSC’s 2012 Year-End Sale — 48-Hours Only!

RSC loves you. That’s why we put together this gnarly year-end sale for you to enjoy! From now until Friday at 11:59 p.m., all items in the RSC web store are marked down 10 percent and all orders will be shipped for free.

Designs from our brand new collection for only $18? Even Scumbag Steve can get down with that.

RSC End of The Year Sale -- Shop now


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