Who’s that girl? RSC Edition!

Ever since the launch, RSC has received a ton of emails about our summer lookbook. We’re not going to lie – most of them were notes just plain asking, “OMG who’s that really hot chick?” Well, the big reveal – that really hot chick is our friend Bridget.

Sure she’s cute, but trust us when we say she’s also a complete dork ; )

One of my and Reg’s favorite high school memories was when we booked a mega-classic bill that saw Regan’s band play alongside some incredible acts – The Action Taken (members went on to form new millennium hardcore legends Have Heart), Smackin’ Isaiah (now Warped Tour favorites A Wilhelm Scream) and Jericho (now RVA/Fat Wreck Chords darlings Smoke or Fire).


A picture of us along with Bridget collecting cash at the door of said show made its way into our high school year book and to this day we find it hilarious. And here we are again…10 years later…


While Bridget looks the same, I think you’ll notice I stopped spiking my hair and wearing sick ball chain necklaces. Regan also ate a sandwich or two and no longer weighs 90 lbs. Sometimes we just have to own these things.

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