Facebook for Small Business: Three Tips for Maximizing Your Social Network

Consumer interest in the almighty “bargain” is nothing new – just ask the guys over at GroupOn and Living Social. By use of Facebook, small business has the same opportunity to tap into this area of consumer interest while generating quality leads and of course, revenue.

Here are three tips for leveraging Facebook to the benefit of your small business.

Engage your audience
Facebook allows small business the ability to interact directly with its core audience. It’s wise not to waste this opportunity – so share meaningful, customer-focused content casually and on a regular basis.  Status updates, link-sharing and feature-rich applications allow you to build this relationship in a simplified, organic manner.

Administer interactive promotions
The key to a successful Facebook promotion is direct engagement. Try one of the following:

  • Prompt followers to upload photos related to your product or service
  • Develop trivia questions or facts about your business that encourage conversation
  • Host a fun and creative poll that caters to your audience’s interest

Be sure to award a prize package or discount in some manner to those who participate.

Explore Loyalty Programs and Email Clubs
Loyalty programs and email clubs are a great way to keep your customers engaged and informed. A large social media following, particularly on Facebook, directly correlates to a successful loyalty or email program.

Adopting a loyalty program or email club allows customers to voluntarily share valuable marketing data (consumer preferences, purchasing trends, etc.) and contact information in exchange for discounts, coupons and special offers. They also allow room for creative promotions dedicated to your most faithful customers.

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About the author
Alex Pitocchelli is an emerging communications professional currently studying at Salem State University. Alex’s background is in sports and consumer PR, marketing and social media. His areas of interest include branding, crisis management and consumer growth. Alex is also an avid fan of lacrosse.  You can follow him on Twitter @Pitocchelli

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