Regan Smith Clarke x Thrillist Exclusive – “Landmark”

We are now taking pre-orders for a limited edition design titled, “Landmark.” Offered as part of the Limited Edition Thrillist T-shirt Exclusive, the design is distinctly Boston-esque — influenced by the legendary Boston Celtics and iconic Garden (RIP) steak restaurant, the Scotch ‘n Sirloin.

Designed over a snowy January weekend, the Landmark offers a subtle take on the NBA’s most successful franchise and the cultural zeitgeist the team unknowingly nurtured during the immortal 1980s.

We are extremely proud of this design and excited to share it through this exclusive offer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed watching hours of Kevin McHale highlight reels on Youtube.

Order the Regan Smith Clarke x Thrillist Exclusive “Landmark” Now.

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