A Not-So-‘Square’ Technology

Regan Smith Clarke blogs about Square, "A Not-So-'Square' Technology

Ever been to a craft fair and tried to purchase something with your credit card? Everything is either cash-only or it takes twenty minutes to process your card with an old-school “knuckle buster” that spits out a receipt you can barely read. Well, problem solved. Jack Dorsey, the clever co-founder of Twitter, has created a company that has effectively eliminated this predicament: Square Inc.

Named one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 by Time Magazine, the “Square” technology is a small, literally square, apparatus that you plug into your Android, iPhone or even iPad to process credit card transactions. This nifty device has revolutionized the selling process by improving the speed, efficiency and ease of use for small-business owners of all kinds.

Imagine being able to process a sale using only your cell phone – no papers, no heavy equipment, no messy cords. Customers need only swipe their card and sign the screen using the tip of their finger. Square also offers customers the option of having their receipt e-mailed to them – with an image of their purchase, if one was taken – which adds yet another layer to the convenience and cool factor.

On top of benefits the Square offers to customers, there are even more advantages to business-owners, including: no contract, no monthly fees, and the device is mailed to you free-of-charge once you’ve downloaded the app, created an account and verified your personal information. It doesn’t get easier (or cheaper) than that, folks. Speaking of cheap, did we mention that you only pay 2.75% of the swiped cost, plus 15¢ or 3.5% of the keyed-in cost plus 15¢? That’s significantly cheaper than any of the other transaction equipment solutions on the market today.

Not only is this gadget useful for entrepreneurs, but it can also solve the age-old problem of splitting the check at a restaurant when no one has cash. Simply plug in Square, swipe your card and it’s as easy as that. No more “I’ll pay you back for that omelet tomorrow, bro.”

We like being Square. Our customers do, too.

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