Mul-Tee-Purposed on Regan Smith Clarke

Fads, trends, and styles change however graphic tees are the one thing that remains consistent in the fashion industry. T-shirts with graphics never go out of style. This is because they are highly versatile and can easily adapt to ongoing shifts and changes especially in the tumultuous fashion world. They can be coupled with jeans for a laid-back look or paired with a blazer and trousers to add originality to a stiff business suit. Simply shifting the graphic to another area on the shirt gives a t-shirt whole new feel.

Tees were born in the 19th century as an undergarment for laborers. Eventually workers stopped wearing shirts over them and the T-shirt was born. Decades later, artists began to use the garment as their canvas and soon businesses followed. Logos, advertisements, quotes, pictures, etc. began to dress up the average T-shirt and tees became a symbol of individuality.

What is even better about tees is you never have to throw them out. As we know, fashion trends cycle through, so it is tough to throw something out knowing that somewhere down the line that jean jacket will be useful again. With tees, they never expire. Even if they do reach their end of life, there are many uses in their afterlife. Do you have a tee that you just can’t toss but is no longer wearable in public? Pair it with PJ’s, toss it in your gym bag, do you have a DIY project that you don’t want to ruin your “everyday clothes”? Wear your tee.

If by chance you extradite a tee from your wardrobe, pass it off to that relative who inherits the hand-me-downs. No donor relative? Then give it to a local shelter for the less privileged. It is not like a suit or sweater that may not fit, have you ever met someone who cannot pull off a tee?

Tees are friendly in all professions and I haven’t met one person who can’t wear one. As mentioned above, with the right suit they add pizzazz in the work environment; painters like to use them as their own canvas while they are busy at their craft. Bands utilize tees to promote their image and the list goes on and on.

So how and where do you wear your tee?

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