The Freshstock at F.A.M.E.

The Freshstock at FAME Fashion Show

Northern Cal folks take note, our boys over at The Freshstock will be attending the Fashion Art Music Exhibition(F.A.M.E.) tomorrow in San Jose. They’ve got some big news to share as well:

We will be unveiling our very own Online Store! Yes you heard right, The Freshstock will now have a full online e-commerce store where you will be able to purchase directly from us some of the fresh brands you see featured on the site. Come down to San Jose this Saturday and see it first hand.

F.A.M.E. is a bi-annual event that brings together the aesthetic elements of streetwear culture. It strives to collectively gather fashion, art and music to exhibit the work of passionate artists of every caliber and every medium. F.A.M.E. offers a space for those hustling day in and day out to exhibit their contributions to the streetwear life.

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